Jesus Christ- Angela! (marabrozune) wrote in toddsparrow4eva,
Jesus Christ- Angela!

I love the fact that we have had some new members! I love the fact that "Girl" has been so widely recognized and has touched so many people. It was the best $3.00 investment I have ever made. If anyone knows any new info on any of the characters of this movie, has their own todd sparrow experience, or has soome inspired poetry, recommended movies, etc...

(the moderator)

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    It's been a ridicuously long time. Does anyone want to be co-moderator with me so we can make this community simply fabulous. angela p.s. I saw…

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    Does anyone have the quote from the movie when Andrea sees Todd at Cybil's first show? The one where she's like... And I thanked God for making the…

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    ok shari higgins will join soon, welcome her. love, the moderator

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