angela of the grimaldi persuasion (staryiedrainbo) wrote in toddsparrow4eva,
angela of the grimaldi persuasion

I saw incubus last night....I heart Brandon Boyd. He's definitley my Todd Sparrow. It's sick I just listen to him sing and this disguisting squishy feeling that's so utterly beautiful washes over me. I think it's rare indeed that you find a man to be such a rock star yet so sensitive and poetic. There has to be a catch to him. Some evil ploy with the record industry has set up with him. Or maybe he has a pact with Satan! No, as much I don't want to be as mature as a 12 year old, he's so damn beautiful. It's not just his looks,that has never just won me over. It's the fact he can sing and he can still write these introspective lyrics and he's not gay...sigh* The fact he doesn't just like one type of music, maybe it's because he likes Kylie Minogue. At any rate I find myself attracted to these rebellious types that just aren't right for me or even within my grasp.
I am done gushing. Does anyone have an a todd sparrow to write about?

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