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the winning story! By Coke_friend

Todd Sparrow.... he consumes our souls.
he leads our existence.

I've gotten tread upon by him recently.

He is who you love.
He can't do any wrong.
Even when he's trying to fuck your best friend.
He is every girl's weakness in men.
When your'e fucking him you feel like youre the only one in the world for him.
How could he possibly want anyone else?
You are beautiful, and everything he wants.
Until youre done, and he leaves.
He gives you a ride home, after he's slept with you. He gives you that sleepy, sexy, lustfilled smile.
Your heart and panties melt.
He is everything.
You are the only people on earth.
Who cares if there are cars behind us?
Take me now.
Being around him thrills you, and makes you feel complete.
He calls you when he's drunk, every night. He even calls in the morning on his way home from his friend's party.
Just to talk to you.
He becomes everything.
You'll stop your life for him.
You always laugh together. And when he puts your hand on your back, you know you're already melting in his hands.
He brings the passion to the surface.
He brings the lust and sexual aggression out.
Your hands all over him. His hands all over you.
Everything is perfect.
He feels perfect.
He acts perfect.
He then stops calling.

and six months later, after contemplating too many suicides to count, you hear from his friend that he got a girl pregnant, and was with her for a few months, but recently broke up with her.

and you realize you got thrown out.
and you cry because it could have been you who got pregnant. and you cry more because if you HAD gotten pregnant, he would have been there with me. and maybe taken care of me.
but you didn't get pragnant. and you AREN'T throwing your life away.
You're going to go to college, and meet more men.
He was only the second.
But he was more than everything to you.

He seems so unattainable at first.
He then pays attention to you.
You fall in love.
You feel perfect with him around.
And then nothing.
And you're alone.

Todd Sparrow has fucked you over.
Because he likes them young and small.
But you never acted your young age.
And you've always had a full figured woman's body.
Todd Sparrow used you like he's used so many others.
But this couldn't possibly happen.

But I loved him.
And he's hurt me.
Struck me to the core.

So you can't really be safe from losers, can you?
You were the only one for him. You made him so god damn happy.
You've never felt so happy.
But now you can't get by one day without thinking of him.
Todd Sparrow left you.
You were never good enough.
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